Intern Policy


This policy establishes the department’s position on the utility and management of its internship program and provides guidance on its management and distribution.


Interns can be an important part of the organization and are proven to be a valuable asset to law enforcement agencies. They help increase police responsiveness, service delivery, and information input, and they provide new program opportunities. In addition, interns can bring new skills and expertise to the job and prompt new enthusiasm. It is the policy of this police department to use qualified interns for specific tasks and duties that can create efficiencies for the department and improve services to the community. Interns are intended to supplement and support, rather than supplant sworn officers and civilian personnel.


Intern: Someone who performs service for the department without promise, expectation, or receipt of compensation for services rendered from the department.
FOUO: For Official Use Only.
PII: Personal identifying information (SSN or DOB).


A. Administration

  • 1. The volunteer coordinator, or his or her designee, shall be responsible for the following:
    • a. Recruiting, selecting, and training qualified interns for various positions.
      b. Maintaining employment records for each intern.
      c. Maintaining intern handbook, which outlines intern expectations, policies and responsibilities.
      d. Maintain records of intern hours.
      e. Completion and dissemination as appropriate of all necessary paperwork and information.
      f. Planning recognition events.

    2. All requests for interns will be coordinated through the volunteer coordinator and approved by the Recruiting Sergeant.

B. Recruitment

  • 1. Interns shall be recruited on a continuous and ongoing basis consistent with this department’s policy on equal opportunity nondiscriminatory employment. A primary qualification for participation in the application process shall be an interest in and an ability to assist the agency in serving the public.
    2. Department recruiters will promote the internship program through outreach programs.

C. Screening

  • 1. All prospective interns shall complete the volunteer/intern information sheet.
    2. The Recruiting Sergeant or his/her designee shall conduct a faceto-face interview with all prospective interns.
    3. A reference check to evaluate traffic and criminal record (records check), employment history and two references.
    4. Prospective intern shall provide all documentation required by the school and proof of internship requirement from the school.
    5. In specific instances an intern may be needed to perform duties that require access to department computer systems. In these cases the intern will complete the full background packet and not be cleared for internship until the background is complete.
    6. Full background investigations will be done within the human resources department, and they will notify the volunteer coordinator when they are complete.

D. Selection, Placement and Evaluation

  • 1. Upon selection, applicants shall receive a letter of confirmation for internship.
    2. All interns shall attend a 2-hour orientation course.
    3. All volunteers will be required to sign an internship agreement.
    4. All interns shall be placed in assignments of an administrative nature only and shall not have access to sensitive or classified information at any time unless they have been cleared by a full background investigation and have been approved by the basic training commander.
    5. All interns will have a time sheet recording their hours worked signed by their immediate supervisor and submit them to the volunteer/intern coordinator weekly.
    6. The Recruiting Sergeant or his designee will sign all school related paperwork for the interns.
    7. Interns are limited to 135 hours of internship.
    8. There shall be only one intern per shift at any location.
    9. All interns shall sign a letter outlining the specific goals and objectives of each specific internship.
    10. Interns will sign an agreement with the supervisor they work for indicating the days/hours they will work each week until 135 hours is reached.

E. Fitness for Duty

  • 1. No intern shall report to work or be on duty when his or her judgment or physical ability is impaired.
    2. Interns shall report to their supervisor any changes in status that may affect their ability to fulfill their duties. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • a. Driver’s license
      b. Medical condition
      c. Arrests
      d. Criminal investigations
      e. Law enforcement contact

F. Dress Code

  • 1. Interns shall conform to department-approved dress consistent with their duty assignment.
    2. The minimum level of appropriate dress is business attire.
    3. Opened-toe shoes are not allowed.

G. Confidentiality

  • 1. Interns will not have access to sensitive or confidential information.
    2. All information and material interns come into contact with during the internship is considered FOUO and not to be disclosed.
    3. All interns shall sign a non-disclosure agreement.
    4. Disclosure of any FOUO, PII, sensitive or classified information is immediate grounds for dismissal.
    5. Interns shall not address public gatherings, appear on radio or television, prepare any article for publication, act as a correspondent to a newspaper, news agency or periodical or maintain that they represent the agency in any matter.

H. Equipment

  • 1. Interns will not be issued any equipment or ID cards. Interns will sign for a visitor badge each time they sign in.
    2. In specific cases interns assigned duties that require access to department computer systems with a login will be issued a volunteer identification card through the ID Section. ID card issue is coordinated through the volunteer coordinator.
    3. These interns may also be issued a key for access to work areas. Key issue will be coordinated through supply by the supervisor the intern is working for.
    4. All ID cards, keys and any other items issued to interns will be returned to the volunteer coordinator immediately when the end their internship or they complete 135 hours.

I. Discipline/Termination

  • 1. An intern may be removed from the program at the discretion of the Recruiting Sergeant.
    2. Interns shall not have due process considerations or property interests in their continued employment.

J. Evaluation/Recognition

  • 1. Evaluations shall be completed by the Basic Training Supervisor upon completion of the 135 hours of internship.
    2. Evaluations will be completed on the forms provided by the schools.
    3. Interns shall be recognized each year at the annual awards dinner. Interns completing the 135 hours will be submitted for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.


A. Background packet
B. Intern/volunteer information sheet
C. Non-disclosure agreement
D. Activity form
E. Internship agreement
F. EEO/Sexual Harassment agreement