Academy Regulations

Tucson Police Badge

The Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center (S.A.L.E.T.C.) is one of the premier law enforcement training centers in the state of Arizona. TPD prides itself on running on of the most progressive and advanced training facilities that trains recruits from agencies all over the state.

Arriving at the Academy

Recruits are expected to arrive on time and prepared

Vehicles and Parking

Recruits shall have valid driver’s license with them

  • Recruits shall park in the South Lot
  • Recruits shall lock their vehicles
  • Recruits shall display current vehicle registration tags

Attire for men (Day 1)

  • White Button Down Shirt
  • Black Necktie
  • Black Dress Pants
  • Cross Training Shoes

Attire for Women (Day 2)

  • White Blouse
  • Black Dress Slacks
  • Cross Trainers

Agency Uniform (required no later than 2nd week)

  • Agency short or long sleeve shirt
  • Agency Pans
  • Agency Belt
  • Agency Authorized Boot or Shoe
  • Crew neck TShirt (color authorized by agency)
  • Gun/Utility Belt

Physical Training Uniform

  • Blue TShirt
  • Blue Shorts
  • White Socks
  • Athletic Shoes
  • Navy Blue BDU Pants


Men’s hair shall be no longer than collar in back and no longer than top of ear on sides

  • No Beards

Women’s Hair shall be styled to meet same standards or arranged as to meet standards


Other than medical bracelets jewelry that constitutes a safety hazard are prohibited.


  • Recruits must bring their own food
  • Recruits are not permitted to leave campus for food


Recruits will be assigned a locker to store uniform  & gear


Weapons are not permitted until authorized by supervisor