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Officer Sheden Mezenghie
Officer Sheden Mezenghie

My name is Sheden Mezenghie and I have been employed by the Tucson Police Department since April 2018 and have been a sworn officer of the department since August 2018. I am currently assigned to Operations Division Midtown where I work as a patrol officer.

I am originally from Phoenix, AZ and moved to Tucson when I started my career here with TPD. I am an Arizona State University Alumni where I received my Bachelors in Criminal Justice/Criminology. Police work has always been something that interested me growing up as a child. I am the first and only in my family to get into Law Enforcement. As I made my way through high school right before finishing my senior year, I decided that I wanted to find a job where I could have fun every single day, and knew this was the right path. As I went through my 4 years at ASU, I took advantage of every opportunity that was available to me in regards to Law Enforcement. I went on ride-alongs, prison and jail tours, department tours etc. I have been very fortunate and lucky to have met special individuals that took it upon themselves to mentor me and help guide me into this career.

The biggest thing I have learned and am still learning as a new officer is that people will love you, and people will hate you. It is my job to try and connect with all types of different people on a daily basis day in and day out. The one thing that I can control is my attitude and how I treat others. I have enjoyed my time with TPD thus far, and am excited to see what lies ahead in the coming years.

Officer Alex Quiroz
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My name is Alex Quiroz. I have been employed with the City of Tucson for 12 years as a Police Officer. I am currently assigned to Operations Division South as a patrol Officer and have been since I started on my own as a solo Officer. I am currently an FTO and have been since 2019. I enjoy training Officers and hope that I can fit as much experience in during the time of training as I can to benefit their career. I believe a division is as good as the Officers working it along with a strong command staff. Since I have started, from my direct supervisors to the Captains I have worked for, I have experienced tremendous support and teamwork during my time of being here. We are a family as a whole, with each division striving to make their communities safe and enjoyable for residents, workers and visitors.

I started working at the age of thirteen. I worked for TUSD as a student worker. I delivered tables and books to classrooms. During that time, there was a budget issue and student workers were going to be let go. I decided to act rather than wait and applied for the University of Arizona Electrical Department as a trades helper. I was the youngest to be hired by the U of A at sixteen years old. Little did they know, I already knew how to drive a stick shift, as every vehicle was manual. I attended Tucson High School at the time and went onto Pima Community College to collect my Associates Degree. I learned the electrical trade and different aspects and codes required to complete jobs, however after five years, I knew this was not what I wanted to for the rest of my working career. I also played mariachi music for a group named Sonido De Mexico. We were based in Tucson and performed for many events such as weddings, birthday parties and anything someone wanted to hire a music group for. We traveled around to different states for competitions and performed for thousands at concert halls. I was also a member of the Tucson Police Department Explorer Program. I was able to learn a lot with the department by being a member. My most valuable experience was remaining at SALETC (Tucson Police Department Academy) for one week for a Police Academy Experience. Due to this experience, I was able to attend SALETC as a recruit with confidence and understanding of what was expected. I began the Tucson Police Department Academy at SALETC at the age of twenty-one.

In 2016, I married the most wonderful and supportive person and now we raise three adventurous boys together. I’m truly grateful for the support she provides. I have family members that were in the Police Department prior to me joining. Some have retired and some are currently still working. I also have family members who are applying to become part of the Tucson Police Department.

I’ve set goals in my time being here and so far I managed to complete one of the biggest. I set a goal that I would work for at least ten years at night. I passed my goal and worked 11 years, nights and weekends. As of 2019, I switched to working day shift. I have many goals for the remainder of my time here and hope to hit them all.

Although some days are rougher than others while some days are better, I wouldn’t trade this career for anything else.

Sergeant Lauren Pettey
Sergeant Lauren Pettey

Originally from San Diego, Sergeant Lauren Pettey graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Administration in 2008.

In January of 2009, she joined the Tucson Police Department as a Police Officer Recruit. Upon completion of the Academy, she was assigned as a Patrol Officer in both Operations Division Midtown and Operations Division West. As a Patrol Officer, she became a Field Training Officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor. In 2013, she joined the Counter Narcotics Alliance as an undercover officer in the mid-level squad.

She was promoted to the rank of Detective in 2013 where she was assigned to the Child Sexual Assault Unit. In 2015, Sergeant Pettey was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to Operations Division Midtown until being assigned as Detective Sergeant in the Domestic Violence Unit in 2017 where she remained until 2019 when she became the Detective Sergeant of the Child Physical Abuse Unit.

Sergeant Pettey was appointed to and currently serves as a law enforcement member on the Arizona Supreme Court Committee on the Impact of Domestic Violence and the Courts (CIDVC). As a collateral assignment, Sergeant Pettey has also been a Hostage Negotiation Unit Supervisor since 2017.