Executive Leadership

headshopt in uniform Chief Chad KasmarThere are many fine law enforcement agencies throughout Southern Arizona; however, I challenge you to be a part of major city policing.  The Tucson Police Department offers a variety of calls, opportunities, engagement with your community and solving community issues using technology and innovative methods.

I'm a Tucson native, have been a member of this department more than 20 years, and am invested in our community. I embrace public partnerships with the community, I honor the need to protect life and property, while preventing crime, and resolving problems.  Come join me and my team as we become the change to make a difference in OUR community.

Chief of Police - Chad Kasmar

Deputy Chief Monica Prieto
Asssistant Chief Kevin Hall
Assistant Chief Kevin Hall
Assistant Chief Mike Silva
Assistant Chief Mike Silva



"Assistant Chief Christopher Dennison in TPD uniform next to American flag"
Assistant Chief Christopher Dennison 
"Assistant Chief Diana Duffy in TPD uniform next to American flag" 
Assistant Chief Diana Duffy